Gigi (also known as Srijani) is a writer of speculative fiction. This, here, is a collection of her published work, which also includes some of her journalistic endeavours. Riverbed Review, the literary journal she is the EIC of, can be found here.

Short Stories

Wunderworld | The Lycan of Lucan in Lockdown | Ozymandias | Cloudeater | Limerick 3019 | Konnichiwa | Bedtime Ritual | Third Clone | There is a Light That Never Goes Out | Orange | Mission to Moon | Reading Glasses | Bottle Opener | Toast | Heart and Soul (in the 2019 print edition of The Ogham Stone) | A Rare Vintage | Nightflying | Just a Little Push | Love at First Sight |

Book Reviews

Book review of ‘This is How You Lose the Time War’ | Book review of ‘Exhalation’ | Book review of ’48 Blitz’ |

Journalistic Articles

Life under Lockdown in Dublin | Reincarnation in Bollywood | Some of my newspaper articles – part one | Some of my newspaper articles – part two |